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Sipx Machinery Co., Ltd is an OEM manufacturer and trading combo for metal stamping parts in Chonqing, China. Products include: custom metal stamping parts, deep drawing, and other metal secondary treatments.

We have been a leading supplier of high-tech sheet metal stamping parts solutions for many years, both in terms of price and delivered quality. Our manufacturing department can handle project and series, based production as well as prototypes.

Why you choose us as supplier?

We are working harder, save money and quality control not just say it must do.

Our company products include(it is not limited to): Custom metal Stamping parts, Aluminum stamping parts, Sheet metal laser cutting parts and other technologies which contribute to cost-saving and quality control.

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Quality Control

We focus on metal stamping blanks and alu machining parts, and provide the best services.

We try our best to “stand up” from your numerous potential suppliers.

So we must have our special quality control system to meet your requirements, for more information follow to view:


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Recent Custom Metal Stamping Parts

Sipx mach has 20sets of machinery metal punching machines, 15sets of hydraulic metal stamping machines, pressure range from 15tons to 800tons, and 3sets MIG AND TIG welding robots for custom metal die stamped products. These are just our main sheet metal punching machines. Press bed sizes up to 140″ x 80″. Press stroke ranges up to 72″. So our machines almost can cover all kinds of metal stamping parts manufacturing.