Furniture stamping manufacturer

Sipxmach as a professional furniture stamping manufacturer, our business is to help your furniture parts well producing, and build stamping dies for it to run production. We have customers in furniture industry at several coutries including Netherlands, The US, Germany, Australia and so on.

We will be your best business friend and suppliers in China stamping industry.

  • Connector and shelf pin,
  • Hinges and hinges rods,
  • Furniture locks and bolts,
  • Kitchen furniture functional hardware,
  • Living room and bedroom furniture hardware,
  • Drawer rail,
  • Sliding and rolling door hardware,
  • Office furniture hardware,
  • Furniture feet and legs,
  • Interior decoration hardware and exhibition hall furniture hardware,
  • Furniture and lamps,
  • Screws and tools of all kinds,
  • … …

• Furniture hardware components
• Automotive
• Construction
• Consumer Products
• Electrical
• Electronic
• Food Service
• Agriculture

• Motor and Power Transmission
• Plumbing
• Safety Equipment
• Switch Manufacturers
• Computer hardware stamping parts
• Janitorial
• Lock Industry

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