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Sipxmach metal stamping INC is an industry leader in precision stainless steel stamping parts. With over 10 years of experience and precision metal stamping capabilities, we can produce pressed steel components that match your unique specifications.

Sipxmach specialize in deep drawn and stainless steel stamping components and prototype parts. Our high precision, perfectly repeatable production capabilities allow us to satisfy your customer, expand your business and get more profit for your incorporation.

As a full service for stainless steel and sheet metal forming manufacturer. We are a full-service metal stamping job factory with the capabilities to take your project from the concept and design stages to full production. Our services is not limit to stamping and fabrication, we also provide deburring, assembly, rivet, welding services.

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Stainless Steel Grades

We can produce deep drawn stainless steel products and prototype parts in numerous grades, including, but not limited to:

  • 301 stainless steel
  • 303 stainless steel
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 305 stainless steel
  • 310 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel
  • 316L stainless steel

Blanking, Bending, Metal Forming, Piercing Coining, Short Run & Prototyping, Stainless steel disc stamping are basic manufacturing methods.

Stamping 301 Stainless Steel Moderately high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. Available in hard, half hard and full hard.
Stamping 304 Stainless Steel The workhorse of the 300 SS series, where moderate tensile properties, corrosion resistance are required, and most common in food grade quality stainless steel & stainless-steel disc stamping
Stamping 316 & 316L Stainless Steel Modification of the basic 300 SS series. Added molybdenum improves strength and corrosion resistance. Used for pharmaceutical, food processing and marine environments.
Stamping 321 & 347 Stainless Steel Variations of the basic 18-8 composition. Stabilized by alloy addition to improve weldability and high-temperature service.
Stamping 17-7PH Stainless Steel Heat-treatable stainless steel with forming characteristics of 304. May be hardened up to 200 thousand tensile strength after cold forming.

Characteristics of Stainless Steel

  1. Chemical properties:
    Chemical corrosion resistance and electrochemical corrosion resistance are the best in steel, second only to titanium alloy.
  2. Physical properties:
    Heat resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and even ultra-low temperature resistance.
  3. mechanical properties:
    According to different types of stainless steel, mechanical properties are different.
    ·Martensitic stainless steel has high strength, hardness, suitable for the manufacture of parts that are both corrosion resistant and require high strength, high wear resistance, such as turbine shaft, Stainless steel knives, stainless steel bearings, etc.
    ·Austenitic stainless steel is very plastic, but the strength is not high, but the corrosion resistance is the best in stainless steel. It is suitable for occasions that require very high corrosion resistance and low mechanical properties, such as chemical plants and fertilizers. Equipment, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid manufacturers of equipment materials, etc., of course, can also be used in the submarine and other military industries.
    ·Ferritic stainless steel mechanical properties are moderate, the strength is not high, but oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of industrial furnace parts.
  4. Stainless steel stamping Process performance:
    Austenitic stainless steel has the best process performance. Because of its good plasticity, it can be processed into various profiles such as plates and tubes. It is suitable for pressure processing. Martensitic stainless steel has poor hardness due to its high hardness.

Why people favorite with stainless steel stamping or Deep Drawn Parts?

Stainless stamping is same with conventional sheet metal stamping. It adopting mechanical punching machine, piercing or blank the stainless thin sheet metal into pieces. Stamping always using single blanking step or compound die to form the required shapes and dimensions. For batch production, we will choose progressive die or high – speed stamping to make stainless stamping.

In the stainless steel deep-drawing process, sheet metal is formed into the desired shape by hydraulic machine. Because hydraulic machine has stable pressure, and we can adjust the speed manual. Besides, we also use progressive die to drawing stainless steel to improve efficiency.
Now stainless-steel drawn parts are widely used on solenoid valve to guide their iron core, and other applications.
For examples many humid places are use stainless steel material or aluminum to replace iron material.

Any holes the design may require are punched through the part after the drawing process. Excess material is trimmed after the part is finished.

Stamping with deep drawing is a “cold working” process. As the stainless steel is stretched and formed into part shapes, its grain structure is altered, each drawn will cause the material harden again.
More harden will more difficult to draw, and easy to be fractured when it changed more harden.

In the market, there have many different hardness stainless steel materials, we should according our application condition to choose the right material. Sometimes, in order to get our desired shapes, after we draw a few times, we should anneal the stainless-steel material to let the material soft and easy to draw. Deep drawn stainless steel parts have much greater physical strength than the original material from which it’s made.

With our precision stamping expertise for different of materials, aluminum, stainless steel, sheet metal, we can manufacture both simple and complex deep drawn aluminum parts with outstanding accuracy and repeatability.
In general, every part we made will according their accuracy and geometries to choose the best process plan to save money and get better quality.

Benefits of Working with Stainless Steel parts

Deep drawn and stamping stainless steel parts are ideal for a wide range of applications. The material’s high corrosion resistance is its greatest and most desirable attribute; it also provides a distinctive appearance.

  • ☆ Stainless steel can work safely for a long time at -270°C-400°C. No matter whether it is high temperature or low temperature, no harmful substances will be precipitated and the material properties are quite stable.
  • ☆ Stainless steel material is safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and exudate, no odor or turbidity, will not cause secondary pollution to water quality, keep water quality clean and hygienic, and ensure complete safety.
  • ☆ Stainless steel has corrosion resistance, strength, steel deformation, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, and good ductility and toughness. Suitable for use in harsh environments (wet, acid and alkali, indoor and outdoor environments)

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An industry leader, Sipxmach Metal Stampings is a LEAN manufacturing in China and award winner and ISO 9001 certified company.
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