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The Growth of Sipx

1. 2008,12.17 Established HEGAO METAL STAMPING PARTS FACTORY to provide punching parts for Chinese customers

2. 2012,06.25 SIPX MACHINERY CO.,LTD was registered by HEGAO METAL PARTS FACTORY to develop international markets

3. 2012,10,10 HEGAO authorized SIPX invested in Zhibo Powder Metallurgy and started to develop international sintering parts market

4. 2014,06,01 SIPX cooperated with Chongqing University and Chongqing Medical University to R&D laser range finder for golf and construction industry

5. 2018.05.01 Chengdu Longxiang Electromechanical Co.,Ltd (A department of military factory) invited SIPX helping them develop international market for accuracy CNC machining part.

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