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Stainless steel drawing and polishing

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Aluminum welding and stamping

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Progressive die stamping, progressive stamping inc

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Metal stamping product sample

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Metal stamping supplies, all metal stamping

Sipxmach has 120 sets of presses ranging from 80 tons to 800 tons & CNC equipment are used in conjunction with special universal units, holders & fixtures to manufacture custom precision sheet metal forming parts. Any shape of dimensions we adopt blank, pierced, form, stencil, drawn & roll Sipxmach’s special stamping ways.

Sipxmach metal stamping service structure

Quality Metal Stamping Service

Sipxmach metal stamping production with TS16949 quality standard for automobile stamping car body parts, and ISO 9001 quality standards for others parts. Our custom metal stamping service include stainless and metal deep drawing, progressive dies, high speed stamping, coining, bending, embossing, stamping letters on steel, piercing, punching and blanking. Our services also include deburring, powder coating, zinc plating, painting. All our services not only consider cost, we also 100% completely meet your quality drawings.

Stampings equipment overview

Sipxmach operates 110 presses ranging from 80tons to 800tons, it almost can cover all kinds of stamping parts. Press bed sizes are up to 2000mmx3400mm. Press stroke ranges up to 1800mm for stamping. Our older physical plant is 5,000 square meters, new physical plant has 2,500 square meters under one roof & arranged for the most efficient material handling possible. Meanwhile, our presses include conventional stamping presses, also have advanced mechanical equipment. We have individual welding line for stamping parts, and a individual robot welding line, so Sipxmach can provide 360 degree service

Scratches occur reason in metal stamping service of bent parts

In the processing of metal stamping service with bent parts, surface scratches sometimes occur.
Where does the scratch come from?

When the processed material is bent, metal particles or dust particles adhere to the surface of the working part, causing scratches on the precision stamping parts. The direction of the bend is parallel to the rolling direction of the material, which can cause cracks on the surface of the workpiece and reduce the surface quality. If the radius of the concave and convex mold fillet is too small, cracks will occur in the bent part of the workpiece. The embossing mode gap should not be too small, too small a gap can cause scratches. Too large a depth of the punch into the die can cause scratches on the surface of the precision metal stamping. The spring on the pressure plate, the positioning pin hole, the pallet and the return hole are all pressed into an indentation.

Unique metal stamping service – Short run stamping

Additionally, each basic precision short run stamping operation performed at Sipxmach is typically done with one stroke. This means a part’s entire periphery is cut with one stroke (blanking). All holes and openings are then pierced in a separate operation, with punches located at the point of contact—and so on with other forming and additional operations. Exact duplication is guaranteed from the first piece to the last for short run stamping or prototyping parts.

Since the short-run stamping method offers quick turnaround times, it is ideal for faster delivery of projects that have been started too late, are taking too long or do not require a high quantity requirement. Short run stamping is the best alternative when it is not possible to invest a large amount of money in costly progressive tooling.

Metal stamping service from your concept design to project end

Sipxmach metal stamping products based on experiences engineers and workers. Many of American and Europe customers would like to involve us early in the process of designing for their stamped products. We always strive to achieve continuous improvement, which including cost and quality, we are happy to share our experience with all our customers in the world and China’s.

Quality certification for Sipxmach’s stamping service

Our ISO 9001 registered quality system assure you defect-free stamped metal parts with the tight tolerances you need at high volume production rates.

Sipxmach metal stamping service certification

Start your personal custom stamping service in Sipxmach

Stainless steel, aluminum, or other metals demands Precision forming and stamping parts are available in manufacturers and our factory.

Whether you’re an engineer starting a project and seeking high volume-high value metal stamping capabilities, or a purchasing professional looking for a quality-driven vendor for stamping metal, contact us you will start a new enjoy purchasing tour. Let we try!

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    Chapter 1:

    How to calculate metal stamping service cost

    In machining production, quotation is one of the most important tasks besides production. The production of a company is mainly for profit. If you want to make a profit, you need to strictly control production. In addition, the quotation is also an indispensable job. Only scientific quotations plus high-quality products can make enterprises get good benefits. This article is mainly for everyone to introduce the processing method of stamping parts processing fee, so that everyone here can know what to expect when needed.

    1. Stamping parts service- pricing and evaluation

    Regardless of the type of processing quoted, it is necessary to conduct a development assessment before the quotation. This is one of the essential links.

    Development evaluation: positioning of stamping parts, estimated production, technical feasibility.
    It also includes whether the technical requirements can be met, whether the quality can be ensured, whether the materials, the outsourcing parts are available, whether the equipment is new purchase or not, and whether the current production capacity of the company is sufficient. The result of the evaluation determines whether the development is carried out.

    2. Metal stamping parts service- display and pricing

    Stamping parts offer content

    The stamping parts offer mainly involves the following aspects:

    • Material fee,
    • profile mold fee,
    • stamping die fee,
    • fixture fee,
    • stamping fee,
    • machining fee (such as CNC machining, etc.),
    • surface treatment (such as oxidation, painting, silk screen, spray, surface galvanizing, etc.)

    Metal stamping quotation service

    Following are the reference prices, it actually changes with quantity, season and other reasons.

    1. Material fee: Expand the part and calculate the unfolded length of the part; then use the calculation formula and calculate the cost of the material: L(mm)×W (mm)×H(mm) × ρ(g/cm³)×unit price (yuan/Kg)×(1.1 -1.2)/10
    2. Stamping die fee: Estimate the area of ​​the die and die according to the shape of the part. The unilateral margin is 5cm, the height is 3-5cm, and the standard of the mold frame is checked according to the die size.
    3. Stamping fee: Calculated by tonnage. (0.8-1) yuan / 60 tons, 1.2 yuan / 80 tons.
    4. Fixture fee.
    5. Machining costs.
    6. Surface treatment cost: oxidation 0.6 yuan / dm; spray paint; silk screen; spray; surface galvanized.
    7. Gross profit: controlled between 20-30%.

    3. Metal stamping service- quotation and processing

    Stamping service- processing fee

    1. Confirm the blanks price of the product.
    The first set of open material width, step distance, material thickness, to get the weight of blank. According to the sale price of this material in the market, actuarial calculation the product material price.

    2. Confirmation of the stamping fee.
    One product is composed of multiple processes, and each process may use a press of different tonnage. The prices of different tonnage beer machines are roughly as follows:
    16T – 0.06 yuan, 25T – 0.08 yuan, 35T – 0. 1 yuan, 45T – -0.12 yuan, 60T – -0.15 yuan, 80T – 0.2 yuan, 110T – 0.25 yuan, 160T – 0.30 Yuan, 200T – 0.50 yuan, 200T (double axis) – 0.60 yuan, 250T (double axis) – 0.90 yuan.

    3. Total price = material fee + stamping fee for each tonnage.
    Pay attention to the formal quotation, the scrap rate in production is high, and also pay attention to post-processing, electroplating, brushing after production. Screws and studs need to be counted.

    In fact, maybe you need more precision or just a rough price range, here we just provide a clear quotation structure and ideas as a reference. Sipxmach will provide the corresponding metal stamping service information and files according to the requirements of each customer.

    Chapter 2:

    China Metal stamping and tooling service industries
    developing trend in the future (After 2019)!

    China Metal stamping and tooling service industries developing trend in the future (After 2019)!

    Metal stamping parts tooling current situation and future developing trend

    ONE:Current situation about metal stamping molds service in China

    Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the national economy, the demand for molds in the market has continued to grow. In recent years, the mold industry has been developing rapidly with a growth rate of about 15%. All the manufacturing points of the mold industry have undergone tremendous changes.

    In addition to the state-owned professional mold factory in China, joint venture, sole proprietorship and private sector have also developed rapidly. The “hometown of molds” in Ningbo and Huangyan areas of Zhejiang Province; some large group companies in Guangdong and fast-growing township enterprises, Kelon, Midea, Konka and other groups have established their own mold manufacturing centers. There are already thousandsSino-foreign joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned mold enterprises in China

    With the accelerating pace of international integration and increasing market competition, people are becoming more and more familiar with the importance of product quality, cost and development capabilities of new products. Mold manufacturing is one of the most basic elements in the entire chain. Mold manufacturing technology has become an important indicator to measure the level of manufacturing in a country, and to a large extent determines the survival space of enterprises.

    China metal stamping service factory

    In recent years, many mold companies have increased their investment in technological and regarded technological progress as an important driving force for enterprise development. Almost allChina mold companies use CAD to design mold, and UG, Pro/Engineer, I-DEAS, Euclid-IS and other international software also widely used. Some manufacturers have also introduced Moldflow, C-Flow, DYNAFORM, Optris and MAGMASOFT. CAE software to help design stamping dies.

    The manufacturing technology of large-scale stamping dies has made great progress. Diemakers such as Dongfeng Automobile Company Mould Factory and FAW Mould Center have been able to produce some car cover moulds. In addition, many research institutes and universities have conducted research and development of mold technology.

    After years of hard work, significant progress has been made in mold CAD/CAE/CAM technology in China. contributions have been made in improving mold quality and shortening mold design and manufacturing cycles.

    For example, KMAS software for stamping and forming of automobile panels independently developed by China Jilin University Automotive Panel Forming Technology. Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyR&D injection molds, automotive panel molds and progressive die CAD/CAE/CAM software. Shanghai Jiaotong University Engineering Research Centerdeveloped the cold die and fine die CAD software.All of them have many users in the China mold industry.

    Although China’s mold industry has achieved remarkable development in the past ten years, many aspects still have a large gap compared with developed countries. For example, the proportion of precision processing equipment in mold processing equipment is relatively low. The penetration rate of CAD/CAE/CAM technology is not high.Many advanced mold technology applications are not widely used, etc., resulting in a considerable part of large, precise, complex and long-life molds. Rely on imports.

    TWO: The future metal stamping parts R&D technology and manufacturing technology trend in China

    The development of mold technology should be adapted to the requirements: “short delivery time“, “high precision“, “good quality” and “low price“. To meet this requirement, it is urgent to develop the following items:

    (1) Comprehensive promotion of CAD/CAM/CAE technology

    Mold CAD/CAM/CAE technology is the development direction of mold design and manufacture. With the development and advancement of microcomputer software, the conditions for popularizing CAD/CAM/CAE technology have been basically mature, and enterprises will increase the intensity of CAD/CAM technology training and technical services; further expand the application scope of CAE technology. The development of computers and networks is making it possible to promote CAD/CAM/CAE technologies across the region, across enterprises and across campuses, and to re-integrate technical resources to make virtual manufacturing possible.

    (2) High speed milling

    metal stamping service milling machine

    The high-speed milling processing developed in recent years has greatly improved the processing efficiency and achieved a very high surface finish. In addition, it can also process high hardness modules, and has the advantages of low temperature rise and small thermal deformation. The development of high-speed milling technology has injected new vitality into the manufacture of large-scale cavity molds in the automotive and home appliance industries. At present, it has developed towards a higher sensitivity, intelligence and integration.

    (3) Mold scanning and digitizing system

    High-speed scanners and mold scanning systems provide the functionality needed to model a model or a physical inspection to a production-ready model, greatly reducing the mold’s manufacturing cycle. Some fast scanning systems can be quickly installed on existing CNC milling machines and machining centers to achieve fast data acquisition, automatic generation of various CNC system processing programs, CAD data in different formats, and “reverse engineering” for mold manufacturing. “. The mold scanning system has been successfully applied in the automotive, motorcycle, home appliance and other industries, and it is believed that it will play a greater role during the 10th Five-Year Plan period.

    (4) EDM milling for metal stamping mold

    metal stamping service EDM machining

    EDM milling technology, also known as EDM, is a new technology that replaces the traditional cavity machining of shaped electrodes. It is a simple tubular electrode with high-speed rotation for 3D or 2D contour machining. Like CNC milling, there is no longer a need to make complex shaped electrodes, which is clearly a major development in the field of EDM. Machine tools using this technology have been used in mold processing abroad. This technology is expected to be developed.

    (5) Metal Stamping Mold should be more standardization

    Metal stamping mould material

    The standardization degree of molds in China is constantly improving. It is estimated that the coverage rate of China’s mold standard parts has reached 30%. Developed countries in foreign countries generally have about 80%.

    (6) Best mold materials and advanced surface treatment technologyfor metal stamping service

    It is necessary to use high-quality steel and apply the corresponding surface treatment technology to improve the life of the mold. Whether the heat treatment and surface treatment of the mold can fully utilize the key aspects of the performance of the mold steel material.

    The development direction of mold heat treatment is vacuum heat treatment. In addition to perfecting the surface treatment of the mold, advanced vapor deposition (TiN, TiC, etc.) and plasma spraying techniques should be developed.

    (7) Mold grinding and polishing should be automated and intelligent

    Mold polishing with metal stamping service

    The quality of the mold surface has a great influence on the service life of the mold and the appearance quality of the workpiece. It is an important development trend to research the automation and intelligent grinding and polishing methods to replace the existing manual manipulation to improve the surface quality of the mold.

    (8) Development of automatic mold processing system

    This is the goal of China’s long-term development. The mold automatic processing system should have a number of machine tool combinations; equipped with accompanying positioning fixtures or positioning discs; complete machine tool and tool CNC library; complete CNC flexible synchronization system; quality monitoring and control system.

    THREE:Metal stamping service industry developing trend

    1. The Chinese low-end automotive stamping die market is relatively saturated, and the pace of localization in the high-end market is accelerating.

    In recent years, the number of automobile stamping die manufacturing enterprises in China has been increasing, and the production capacity has also increased. However, the industry is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, with limited investment in equipment and research and development, and mainly produces low-end and medium-end stamping die products with low technical requirements. The supply of low-end automotive stamping die is relatively saturated, and the competition is fierce. The domestic self-sufficiency rate in the high-end market is still low, only about 60%.

    Some of China’s leading automotive stamping die manufacturing enterprises have upgraded their mold products to new heights by introducing advanced production equipment and technology from abroad. They strengthening technological R&D and production process innovation, and realizing the design and manufacture of C-class automotive stamping dies. Big model of progressive die get a substantial breakthrough, the size up to 6m, and competed with international manufacturers in the high-end automotive stamping die product market segment, which promoted the rapid development of the import substitution market, and the pace of localization of the mold was further accelerated.CHERY, GREAT WALL, BRILLIANCE and other independent Chinese brand auto companies have turned the whole vehicle molds required for automobile development from import to China procurement, and joint venture auto companies such as Volkswagen and GM have begun to shift high-end auto stamping molds to China purchases. The localization of high-end automotive stamping dies further expands the market demand for Chinaautomotive stamping dies.

    2. The professionalization and commercialization of China automobile stamping die production service is improved in next step

    Due to the historical reasons of the development of China’s automobile industry, most of the China automobile stamping die enterprises rely on the development of automobile manufacturers,and the provision of molds for automobile OEMs is the first priority. As a result, the general division of labor in automobile stamping die enterprises is not strong, marketization and society. The degree of procurement is low. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, China has encouraged the automobile stamping die industry to develop into specialized and commercialized products, encourage separation of main and auxiliary industries, and make mold production from subsidiary to independent. More and more affiliated mold enterprises have increased their proportion of accepting external orders. Or reorganized into an independent mold company. At present, the social procurement molds in the molds produced in China only account for about 45%, and will further improve and close to more than 70% of foreign mold social procurement levels in the future.

    3. Automobile metal stamping die production service enterprises extend to the downstream industrial chain

    With the rapid development of the automobile metal stamping die industry, the technical level of the industry has improved rapidly, and the competition has intensified. The simple design and manufacturing model can’t meet the needs of market competition in China. Some major enterprises in the industry have begun to take the business of their downstream. They establish stamping production lines, directly to the production of molds for customers to produce automotive stamping parts.

    The advantage of this mold-based transfer to the downstream industrial chain:

    (1) automobile stamping die manufacturers have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with automobile manufacturers in the course of operation. Direct supply of stamping products can better serve automobile manufacturers;

    (2) the direct production of auto parts by the molds produced can effectively reduce production costs and improve production efficiency for customers.

    (3) the scale advantage is obvious, the automobile stamping die is a customized product, and the automobile stamping parts can be continuously produced in large quantities to improve the production scale of the enterprise.

    Due to the above considerations, the business scope of the main production enterprises in the automotive stamping die industry has a tendency to extend to the downstream industrial chain, and actively cooperate with automobile manufacturers to provide “integrated” molds and product services.

    4. Wide application of progressive die services

    Stamping parts with complicated shapes, especially small and medium-sized complex stamping parts which are required to be sequentially punched by multiple stamping dies according to the conventional process, are increasingly formed by progressive die forming. About 30%-40% of automobile stamping parts in developed countries have been produced by progressive die, while the proportion of intermediate die in China’s auto parts stamping die is only about 10%. The progressive die will be the key development of China’s mold products.

    Progressive die is a safe, high-precision, high-efficiency, long-life mold, which is one of the development directions of stamping die, which can significantly reduce the production cost of small and medium-sized stamping parts. The progressive die is continuously processed by punching, bending, stretching, forming, etc. by controlling the feeding progress and the punching by the work station, and realizes automatic and large-volume punching. With the development of high efficiency and automation of automobile stamping production, progressive die will be more widely used in the production of automotive stamping parts.