Sipxmach Electrical Stamping Manufacturers

Sipxmach Metal Stampings has been serving the electronics industry, demonstrating a unique ability to streamline the production of even the smallest, most complex electronic stampings industries. With the ability to handle production runs of virtually any size and capacity to manufacture components to even the highest standards. Our Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, American customer trust we are electrical stamping manufacturers.

Stamping Electrical Components:

Electrical stamping components

Electrical stamping fixed clamp

Electrical steel stamping components

Electrical stamped parts

Electric stamping brass parts

Electrical steel stamping components

Electric blanks, electric components

Electronic pieces, sheet metal stamping

Sipxmach provides comprehensive metal stamping services from custom design and rapid prototyping through in-house tooling, production, and assembly with specific capabilities beneficial for electronics applications.

What kinds of metal stamping products we can do?

We work with a variety of companies to design and manufacture electronic components. We specialize in component parts for the telecommunications, automobile, furniture, appliance, computer, consumer goods, medical device andequipment.

  • Stainless steel stamping
  • Caps
  • Connectors
  • Couplings
  • In-tool machining of round pins
  • Aluminum enclosures
  • Aluminum boxes
  • Aluminum deep drawing
  • Fittings
  • Sensors
  • Solenoid valve shells
  • Assemble
  • Plastic injection for electric stamping parts
  • electrical steel stamping
  • lamination stamping manufacturing
  • motor stamping manufacturers
  • Pre-plating, post-plating, and spot-plating
  • Special packaging
  • Mirror polishing
  • Heat treatment
  • Silver-plating
  • deep drawn metal pressings
  • Sheet steel AISI304, AISI303, AISI301, AISI316, stainless steel 316
  • Copper
  • Sheet aluminum Al6061, Al, Al5056
  • Brass H61, H59, H62
  • Phosphor bronze
  • Beryllium copper
  • Steel from the thickness 0.05mm to 6mm
  • Carbon Steel: SS235, DC01, DC03, C45
  • Galvanized steel
  • Mirror stainless steel, and silk screen stainless steel
  • Military or aerospace material
  • Texture of materials

RAPID PROTOTYPING for electrical steel stamping component

During your R&D process, we can provide fast prototype for you testing your design without batch production tooling. It will help you use the results of this testing to refine and perfect the design and select the most appropriate manufacturing technology, and find potential quality and design problem. It not just saving our customers time and money. It will help our customer get more clients. We manufacturing electrical steel stamping prototyping parts by laser cutting, bending, coining, fast produced within 1 week for you testing your design.

When you choose Sipxmach metal stampings for your electronic stamping components need, you will get following benefits:

when you choose a China factory, first of all you consider is this factory must a reliable manufacturer. In another article will tell you how to very a China company is a trader or manufacturer. China Chongqing Sipxmach is an ISO 9001 certified metal fabricator. As government approved electric motor stamping manufacturers, our parts also ROHS compliant.

 From prototype to batch production, Sipxmach metal stamping do not have MOQ requirement, we just need to service you well and develop together. Batch production also no problem, we have high speed stamping production line. Each day production 100 thousand pieces no problem.

Saving you money by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions is our specialty.
We save our customers up to 80% off conventional tooling costs.

No matter you need these services, we are 100% can meet your different requirements. This is the reason why our customer said we are one-stop solution services.

Sipxmach has been a trusted supplier of tight-tolerance with electrical stamping, Motor stampingparts manufacturer more than 10 years in China. Our proved experiences with metal stamping technology, reliable quality management system, gauging, and measurement to ensure zero defects. For more information about our stamping products or get some suggestions about your potential project, please contact our R&D manager.

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