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Sipxmach is invested by Chongqing Hegao Automotive metal stamping Co., Ltd in 2008. And is proud to offer high quality, cheap price cutting-edge component to a wide range of clients in the automotive field.

Sipxmach have the ability to handle the any size of production and capacity to manufacture sheet metal components with highest standards. It’s no wonder that automotive leaders have trusted sipxmach metal stamping for their sheet metal stampings with their automotive custom stamping parts more than 10 years.

Sipxmach manufactures a wide range of precision metal stamping for the automotive industry – from precious automotive stamping parts to large-gauge steel parts. Sipxmach understands the importance of affordable and durable in making custom auto stamping parts.
The expenses you paid for a quality new part will cause less faulty or damaged. We provide you with every production details you want in the stamping proccess for your business.

We produce stamping products, always adhere to the implementation of the three inspection:

  • First inspection. Before production, check mould and material, check stamping machine and employee safety wear condition.
  • Production inspection. During production, spot check product quality, pay attention to the safety and stability of the stamping process and health.
  • Last inspection. At the end of production, check product stacking and transfer, confirm machine power off and cleaning.

Contact us today if you’re in need of automotive stamping services. We’ll work with you directly from start to finish until the job is done to your standard of satisfaction.


Automotive stamping parts

metal stamping parts that constitute automotive parts.

Car internal stamping parts. In automotive parts, some parts can be used directly after stamping.
Appearance and structure stamping parts. The other part after stamping also need to go through welding, or mechanical processing, or paint and other processes to become a part of the car.

The classification of automotive stamping parts and body structure:

  1. Overall side circumference (left, right)
  2. Wing plate (left, right)
  3. Outer plate of machine cover
  4. Inner board of the machine cover
  5. Trunk board
  6. Inner board of luggage
  7. Front door panel (left, right)
  8. Front door inner board (left, right)
  9. Rear door panel (left, right)
  10. Back door inner board (left, right)
  11. the top
  1. Engine compartment assembly
  2. Baggage compartment assembly
  3. Side inner plate assembly
  4. Floor assembly
  1. Medium reinforcing board
  2. Small reinforcing board
  3. Small scaffolds
  4. Floor
  5. Strengthen beams
  6. Inner and outer plate of wheel cover
  7. Front assembly
  8. Suspension assembly
  9. Fuel tank cover assembly

In medium and heavy vehicles, most of the covering parts, such as the body outer plate, and some load-bearing and supporting parts, such as the frame, carriage and other auto parts are stamping parts.

Material selection for automotive stamping parts

Automotive parts production using a large number of cold stamping process.
Used in cold stamping steel plate and steel belt is the main steel, account for 72.6% of the vehicle steel consumption of cold stamping material close relation with auto stamping parts production.

The stand or fall of material not only decides the performance of the product, more directly affect the product quality, cost, service life, and the rationality of the design of the production and the difficulty, so reasonable choice material is an important and complex work.

Selection principles of materials:

  • Can meet the performance requirements of auto parts.
  • Good physical and chemical properties of materials.
  • Better economy.

Automotive Stamping Components

Sipxmach Metal Stampings is an expert to manufacturing precision automotive metal stamping parts& engine parts, chassis stamped parts with various metal materials and alloys.

All-Terrain Vehicle headlamp protection cover

All-Terrain Vehicle headlamp protection cover

Car front main beam and reinforcement plate

Car front main beam and reinforcement plate

Compressor fixed stamping parts

Compressor fixed stamping parts

Painted tank cover

Painted tank cover

Our most common component parts include:

  • Spring clips
  • Solenoid valve shells
  • Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • Motor shell
  • Component Assembly
  • Prototype to High Volume Production
  • Finishing & Secondary Operations
  • Appliance stamping parts
  • Car lighting punching and blanking
  • Electronics shell
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • BRSS
  • Cold rolled steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Haynes stainless steel
  • Washer

When you choose Sipxmach Metal Stampings for your automotive needs, you will always enjoy:

-When choosing a sheet metal fabrication supplier, first should consider always the stable quality. We are an ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified metal fabricator, and we use uncompromising quality practices in the manufacturing of all our components. Sipxmach Metal Stampings is also ROHS compliant.

-You choose us and present your criteria, then few times confirm during automotive stamping parts production. Your goods will reach you efficiently.

We can produce components in all shapes, sizes and forms. We do different sizes and shapes automobile stamping parts from small quantity to batch production. Our presses are from 5T to 800T, we and can use larger presses if the future value of your order can meet our standard.

You can choose the following materials:
Hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, spring steel, aluminum and copper.

Capable of stamping parts including thicknesses of 0.01 in. to 0.2 in. and tolerances of +/-0.005 in.

Automotive Stamping Capabilities include punching, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging and coining.
Low to mass volume production offered. Value added services such as assembly, welding, riveting, plating, coating and heat treatment provided.


– Contact our technology department to discuss your project from first step of prototyping samples to batch production about your automobile stamping parts. Saving you money by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions is our responsibility.


Automotive Stamping Systems

We understand that the automotive stamping industry demands strict tolerances, and we have worked to create components for multiple vehicle systems and sub-systems for a wide range of vehicle types together with several internationally renowned automobile and motorcycle brands.

Sipxmach Co.,Ltd is an Trustworthy Automotive Stamping Company

We have served the automotive industry by simplifying the metal stamping parts fabrication. We provide our customers with the information they need in a way that is simple and direct to minimize complications. We suggest the most cost-effective project solution for customers or make some testing for their potential plans before start the project.

Aside from the automotive market, all other metal stamping parts are also available. We are a full-service diversified fabricator of gaskets, seals, tapes, and precision die cuts.

Our comprehensive custom metal stamping services and special designed stamping dies can meet any and all specifications you may have. If you need automotive stamping, contact us our project engineer to learn more about our quality products and services. Now our stamping parts have exported to Germany, American, Holland, Italy, Russian. All our products are 100% completely with ISO9001 or TS16949 quality certification. We are committed to serving you with optimal solution for all your kinds of metal stamping parts from all over the world. No matter your parts need polishing, zinc plating, powder coating, painting or other treatment all are no problem.

Automotive stamping as an important thin sheet metal component forming method, Sipxmach will give you our best and professional suggestion. Contact us we will work with you with free from the start of the project to your final drawing finished, after that we will give our best price for you to decide choose us or our competitor to produce the sheet metal forming parts.

Chapter 1:

Automobile stamping defect and quality control

Understand the automobile stamping

By applying external force to plate, pipe and profile by press and mold, the material can produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the designed shape and size.

Plastic processing (or pressure processing) is divided into stamping and forging.

Car trunk structural parts

Car trunk structural parts

Structural reinforcement for car

Structural reinforcement for car

Automotive stamping parts according to the quality grade, divided into:

  • Exterior parts.
    Fine stamping parts requiring coating or polishing and painting
  • Internal parts.
    Internal structural parts are the main, not directly exposed to the air. The main requirement is high performance stamping parts

Quality control of automobile stamping

“3S inspection” of automobile stamping parts:

  1. Self-inspection
    In the process of production, the operator himself completes the quality inspection of the products in this process
  2. Substitute inspection
    The operator checks the finished quality of the product from the previous process, and whether it meets the processing quality requirements of his own process
  3. Special inspection
    Full-time inspectors check whether the quality of materials meets the processing requirements, and at the same time check the quality characteristics of any process in the whole process

Common defects in automobile stamping

Common defects
Automotive stamping parts’ defect level


A defect 1

A defect 1

A defect 2

A defect 2

1. Defective parts that can’t be accepted by customers, whose shape or size exceed the tolerance range. Finally scrap the parts.

2. Judge:

  • Internal injury. Visually, the material becomes thinner, less than 70% of the material thickness. Usually, the old staff can easily judge the material thickness according to their experience.
  • Cracking. Visually, a cracking point or fault zone is found.

3. Cause
Internal injury is common in R Angle, due to stretch denaturation and thinning, resulting in internal injury. In severe cases, cracking occurs. Hidden damage and cracking will reduce the strength of the stamping parts.

4. Preventive measures
Maintain mould regularly, keep mould and product clean and lubricate.


B defect 1

B defect 1

B defect 2

B defect 2

1. A surface defect that can be seen or felt. Need rework.

2. Cause

  • Material
    Plate or mold surface dirty, after blanking burr, etc.
  • Equipment
    The suction cup of the servo machine is dirty and the table of the press machine is sundry.

3. Preventive measures
Keep clean


C defect 1

C defect 1

C defect 2

C defect 2

1. Can not directly see, but by the method such as oil stone can found the surface concave and convex point or burr. Should better be corrected.

2. Judge
Apply oil or oil stone to determine the severity of surface defects. Hemp point ≤5, burr ≤1.5mm.

3. Cause

  • Material in processing is not clean
  • The production environment is dusty and sandy
  • Mold tool edge wear

4. Preventive measures

  • Strengthen mold and material cleaning and maintenance work, record and analyze the problems
  • Inspect and clean equipment before use
  • You can create a closed job environment
  • Maintain tool edge according to frequency