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Capabilities range from simple sheet metal components to complex electrical stamping and electro-mechanical integration of products.

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Sipxmach Works provides efficient, quality-driven high-speed metal stamping services for a variety of market segments utilizing advanced presses and knowledgeable workers. Our long and stable cooperated tooling factory allows us to build precision special dies for progressive die stamping, which ensures the bestcost-efficient solution for the most complex tooling and part design. Industries we serve include furniture, appliance, automotive, construction and housing, electronics, electrical equipment, lighting, and telecommunications.

We define high-speed stamping and discuss operating factors – Such as the affection of the stamping tooling clearance and the control methods for slug– it will good help for the stamping operation.
We will according your application environment and application to recommend best surface treatment.
Finally, we discuss application problems and possible solutions. We recommend the best solution for your high speed stamping parts with cost efficiency.

In one word: High-speed stamping technology is a high-tech that integrates various technologies such as equipment, molds, materials, and processes. Compared with ordinary stamping, the speed of high-speed stamping is hundreds of times to thousands of times per minute.

Understanding High-Speed Stamping How fast is fast?

High-speed stamping means compare with tradition stamping machine, their stroke operation speed much faster than normal. High-speed stamping as an operation that generates special needs due to fast operating speeds. These special requirements generally relate to stock control, slug control and excessive wear problems. Speed-related problems typically start when press speeds exceed 100 strokes per minute. High speed stamping is one of the progressive die stamping, it has auto transfer feeding system. And it also special designed for lots numbers of parts production. Following picture shows the relation ship of the stamping cycle time with feeding speed.

what is high speed stamping

From the internet videos or view stamping factory at first glance, high-speed stamping appears do not require a big force to punching or blank out parts. Components at most times are produced from thin, small and relatively soft metal sheet material. Because the component material is thin and small, it easy to stack up and jam in the workstation, die plate, or the matrix. If the punch lacks the necessary hardness of strength, it fails or wear at a short time.Two factors affect compressive strength: alloy content and punch material hardness. Alloy content generally speaking it is means you should choose what kind of materials. Most of times it will affect the life time of the tooling. Alloy elements such as molybdenum and tungsten contribute a great deal to the compressive strength. Meanwhile, the hardness of steel also can improve the wear resistance. But the material content will limit the highest of hardness. Our expertise engineer will help you to choose the right alloy high speed stamping tooling material.

When the punching load exceeds the part material tensile strength limit, the slug suddenly separates from the part. This sudden loading of pressure on the punch generates a reverse force that often leads to punch head breakage. The punch head must have good tensile strength, it was determined by the material alloy and hardness. When the punch force removed, the deformed high-speed stamping part partially restored. The dimension of the blanked component is not 100% according with the shape of stamping tooling, then it will out the range of tolerance of mold. Stamping not only generate plastic deformation, it also generate elastic deformation.The art of high-speed stamping is tool maker’s skill. The high-speed stamping tooling have designed a special system to release the slug out of the matrix to avoid jammed in the workstation. This is very important for get stable quality products with high speed stamping. Sipxmach as a leading manufacturer have good experience of all kinds of stamping parts.

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 How we can support you with high speed stamping parts?

As a China’s leading manufacture of stamping parts manufacturer. Our parts material include: stainless steel SUS301, SUS303, SUS304, 316, 316L, metal sheet, copper, brass, aluminum.

Our stamping technologies: conventional stamping, deep drawing, Aluminum stamping, stainless steel stamping, copper stamping, high speed stamping, compound stamping, bending, coining, extruding, embossing, engraving, laser cutting and so on.

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