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Quality inspection chart

Show you details of how Chongqing Sipxmach test and report the quality of your metal stamping products.

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Powder coating parts checking criteria
The material include and not limited on, Aluminum part, metal parts, stamping parts, accoridng to your special requiments
No.Testing itemsTesting method
detail description
CriteriaThe test image show for Aluminum powder coating partOK/NG
1luster60 ° angle of specular reflectance gloss machine17±318°luster OK
2Film thicknessUnit: μmFilm thickness minimum 25μm32μmFilm thickness OK
3Color differenceColorimeterL: ±1.0
a: ±0.5      b: ±0.5
Follow the standard palette
L: 0.5    a: -0.22
b: -0.15
4Hardness1.Smooth the pencil nib flat
2.Nib pressure 750g
3.A pencil hardness from H, 2H to3H should be verified
After the hardness 2H or above was tested, and no cut mark on the surface, Then the painting hardness okHardness 4H
5RCA Wear Test1. The baked testing sample is fixed on the RCA tester
2. 175g weight placed on the paper belt of “RCA Wear Tester”
3. Set the instrument on “run in a jump” mode with a cycle of 80 times
4. After the times of testing was completed, then remove the testing sample from the machine, and check the surface.
Check the surface of the product if have defects such as exposed materials, if not, determine okNo peeling paint
6Rubber wear test1. Eraser (Model CS-10), load (1000g/cm2), speed (30 round/min), rubber width (3cm)
2. The surface of testing color plate must be flat
3. Repeat the wear test with the eraser until the
substrate or primer is visible at the paint booth, then record the data
The testing cycle equal or greater than 500 times, and the substrate of the sample still not visible, then determine okAfter the test
no exposed substrate
7Adhesion1. Stick 3M#610 tape on the cross-cut surface of color plate
2. Adhesive tape is pressed for 90 seconds, then pulled up quickly by 180°
3. Test tape should be kept
No paint loss on the surfaceAdhesion OK
8Alcohol resistant1. Fix it on the copper column with 1.5mm thick gauze
2. Wet (95%) medical alcohol on gauze
3. Add the weight of 500g to the upper end of the copper column
4. 2-second speed back and forth to make the specified number of times
Testing equal or greater than 100 times, and the substrate of the sample still not visible, then determine okSubstrate is not exposed
after alcohol abrasion test

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