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What are the advantages of deep drawing?

Deep drawing has many advantages over general stamping, machining, casting and injection molding.

Sipxmach can help you reverse optimize existing parts by simplifying the design structure and simplifying parts that integrate multiple parts into a single stretch, thus reducing cost, waste, equipment costs, and time, and optimizing the structure of parts without affecting usage or the strength of parts.

In this way, we are able to provide stretch parts with precision, cost and durability beyond your expectations. The drawing process can do complex processing, thus greatly reducing the cost and increasing the safety of parts in mass production.

What industries are Sipxmach’s current customers?

Our main customer industries are:

The car industry
For the production of airbags, brakes, cooling systems, emissions or pollution control, fuel transfer, lighting, motors, sensors, power sockets, gearboxes and chassis in large Numbers of deep drawing parts.

Medical, aerospace and military industries
Medical equipment appearance stamping parts and some special parts. Part of the structure of the aircraft, the in-flight facilities such as seat panels, seat armrests and other deep drawing parts. Military-grade custom stretch parts (Currently does not include ultra high standard parts)

Lock and building hardware industry
Including all kinds of shell, nameplate, shaft, protective cover, collar, stud, sleeve, etc.

Copper fittings, connectors and fixtures, bushing, thermostat, piping, etc.

Household devices
Air conditioning enclosures, LIDS, retainers, transmissions, solenoids, bearings, gaskets, etc. Furniture load bearing, structure or appearance of the extension of the cover.

Gardening or farm machinery
Metal shells for horticultural and agricultural machinery, exterior or structural panels for building facilities, extensive deep drawing parts for cleaning products and fire fighting facilities, etc.

Currently sipxmach can process deep drawn and stamped parts in more than 30 different industries, with 60 percent of its business coming from customization in the automotive industry, where competition and demand are fierce.

Opportunities and challenges of deep drawing?

We have always believed that the deep drawing of metal is strictly different from the stamping of metal. Deep drawing fusion of a variety of processing means, the complexity of the general stamping is much higher.

Not as many peers understand that, as long as there is dry stamping experience, can solve the problem of precision deep drawing. Also it is not that the deep stretch of the enterprise to do stamping products is “reduced”. Deep drawing and stamping from the equipment, mold and process are quite different, but there are many complementary effects. Sipxmach has of course always had the capability to provide general stamping products and other metalworking services

Although there are some counterparts in the international technology can be more advanced than us, but the general price is several times as much as ours.

We are committed to developing more economical and stable production options. In the face of new materials and processes, we need to conduct testing and research, and we start from the same plat.

Sipxmach deep drawing stamping parts

Deep drawing parts of custom products, some customers design and procurement staff younger, not clear design basic principle, focusing too much on the characteristic of nonfunctional, such as the appearance of a small number of proportion of off color, burr, spots, non-critical parts of tolerance, R Angle, some non-critical defects, such as fault cannot tolerate.

In fact, these defects are unavoidable in the processing process, but actually do not affect the core function.

If we must have perfect products, we can only arrange full inspection and pick out such so-called defective products. In order to achieve perfect R Angle, the mold loss increases greatly, which sometimes distracts the attention from the core functions and only gives the general attention. All of these will increase the cost, distract the effort, and cause trouble to the deep enterprise.

These are things we need to discuss and grow together.


Finally, no matter what kind of trouble or problem you have, please feel free to communicate, we will discuss the solution (secretly) together.

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