Project Description

China Simple process sheet punching parts

Our company is structured in order to satisfy more demand of sheet punching of metal parts, whether it’s simple or complex. We constantly updated our sheet punching machinery and perform punching work on a wide selection of metal material.
We also respond to any need for cutting or drilling the metal sheet, and realized products’ precise and quality.

As a full service stamping manufacturer, our business is to help your designed production well producing, and build stamping dies for it to run production. We often have customers need to run some short run production parts, prepare production contingency plans, or run some of their more difficult parts.

Whether customers need parts to supplement production, or not able to produce themselves, Sipxmach ensures that production stamped always meet or exceed expectations.

Description: China metal die casting work, One-stop custom manufacture service
Usage: Accessories
Color: Silver
Process: Metal stamping, Bending, Punching
Treatment: Galvanized
Port: Chongqing, China

• Automotive
• Furniture hardware components
• Construction
• Consumer Products
• Electrical
• Electronic
• Food Service
• Agriculture

• Motor and Power Transmission
• Plumbing
• Safety Equipment
• Switch Manufacturers
• Computer hardware stamping parts
• Janitorial
• Lock Industry

Our lineup of equipments: Sipxmach stamping machine list.

Whether you need 10,000 pieces from our 500 Ton press or 10,000,000 from our high speed presses, we have the experience and the manufacturing knowledge that it takes to get the job done.