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In 2 main ways to ensure the quality of your receiving quality, Sipxmach takes care of each stamping part

Appearance of stamping parts

Compared with other commonly used metals, Aluminum is soft, expensive and a little easy to break.
Some Aluminum parts still need subsequent processing(Secondary processing), such as wire-drawing, anodizing, etc.
So Aluminum parts in stamping are particularly prone to the surface damage such as Indentation and Scratch.

Special attention should be paid to the following points in stamping parts mold manufacturing:

custom stamping part

  1. Punching should be arranged as far back as possible without affecting the number of processes.
    Even for punching products with a large number of punching, adding a process, punching should be completed in the back row.
  2. Soft aluminum material is easy to make the mold plugging, so in the design of mold clearance, control the material thickness of 10% clearance
    The vertical depth of the cutting edge is 2mm, and the taper is 0.8°-1°.
  3. When the stamping product is bent, the aluminum material is easy to produce aluminum shavings, will cause point damage and indentation.
    It is best to stick PE film on the surface of aluminum material
  4. For stamping parts requiring anodic processing, if there is pressing or pushing process, the product should not be completely pressed, so as to avoid acid spit.
    Keep the gap of 0.2-0.3mm, so that the acid can flow out smoothly and timely. So this process must do the limit block, and calibrate the mold height on the mold.
  5. Aluminum is easy to crack.In the case of the need to fold the stamping parts, try not to do flat.Even if the product design needs to fold flat, also want to make the edge of the line a little wider, a little less pressure range.
  6. All aluminum cutting edge is required to use slow wire to prevent burr and impact blanking phenomenon.
    Aluminum parts are easy to produce high temperature, so the hardness of punch requires more than 60 degrees, at least SKD11 material, and never use D2 such poor quality material punch.

Aluminum material is relatively soft, easy to produce surface damage and deformation in stamping.

In addition to the mold to pay attention to the accident, in stamping production should also do the following:

Sipxmach deep drawing stamping parts

  1. To do a good job of aluminum stamping parts, reduce the defective rate, first to do is 5S, especially clean.
    The Clean(seiketsu) including mold, punch table, assembly line and packaging materials must be done without sharp sundries, no dirt regular clear rectification, the mold must be cleaned and no sundries.
  2. If the product has large burr, it must be sent its mould for repair and follow up the result.
  3. The aluminum parts are hot, and then they stack up to harden.
    Therefore, when punching and blanking, it is necessary to coat the aluminum surface with stamping oil (for heat dissipation and lubrication).Then press.
  4. For products with much punching hole, it is necessary to clean the surface of the die every time when it is pressed. Keep the mold and product clean and free from sundries to reduce the occurrence of bad appearance such as indentation.
    If the product appears indentation, we must find out the problem point of the mold corresponding to the product and repair it before we can continue production.
  5. The push block of the bulldozing mold produces aluminum chips, so the push block needs to be cleaned and cleaned every day.

In sipxmach, you can not only build business relationships with them, but also delegate your stamping tasks to them.
You can also exchange ideas about mechanical design and product improvements to solve any pressing problems you may face now or in the future.

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