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Sipxmach specialize in OEM Ceramic block
for UAV, Outdoor, ATV
, Dirt bike, Pocket bike engine with Aluminum die casting

Aluminum Ceramic block Die Casting Processes Brief Introduction

Die casting is a metal casting process in which molten aluminum is forced into a steel mold under high
pressure into a mold cavity. The steel molds, known as dies, are fabricated to produce castings with
intricate shapes in a manner that insures both accuracy and repeatability.
The die casting process consists of 5 basic steps :

The first step in die casting is clamping.
The dies are cleaned and lubricated to aid in step two, injection. Once the dies have been properly cleaned and lubricated, the die halves are closed and clamped together with high pressure.

The molten metal is transferred from a furnace into a ladle.
The ladle then pours the molten metal intoshot chamber where it is ready to be injected into the clamped die. The molten metal is then forced into the die using extremely high pressure. The high pressure then holds the metal in the die until it has time to solidify.

The third step in the process is cooling.
After the molten metal is injected into the die, it must have time to solidify and cool. During this time the die cannot be unclamped. Once the metal has completely cooled it takes on its final shape of the casting.

Once the cooling process has finished, the die halves can be unclamped and an ejection mechanism pushes the solidified casting out of the die.

The final step in the die casting process is trimming.
While the metal is cooling, the excess metal in the sprue and runner must be removed along with any flash that has transpired. This extra material is then trimmed away from the final casting. The trimmed sprue, runners, and flash can then be recycled and reused in the die casting process.

How we make Aluminum ceramic block (die casting) for lighter engine?

Sichuan New Artery Technology Co., Ltd. invested in Sipxmach USD300,000.00 on 20-04-2019.  New Artery is a China Aluminum die casting company with a advanced ceramic coating line. Now in China ceramic coating for engine line is not exceed 5, but Sichuan New Artery’s line is the best one. Our UAV engine block with Ceramic coating pass the Highest quality Military standard in 17- 05 -2019.

New Artery had made a big change in 2017, That is:
Moved the focus of research and development, manufacturing from the traditional motorcycle cylinder and accessories to the Ceramic engine cylinder block, cylinder head, piston. Now we specialize in best services for UAV, outboard, Dirt bike, racing trailer, ATV, Pocket bike industries who need aluminum block with ceramic coating.

Die casting machine

The above procedure describes how a aluminum ceramic block is processed into a specific shape for a product part,
and then I will show you what our workshop like by several pictures.

From these photos, you can judge we are the best supplier for aluminum die casting engine part with Ceramic coating

In order to save your time to knowledge our aluminum ceramic die casting factory, I will introduce our factory through realistic Pictures

1. Aluminum engine ceramic coating block (Die Casting) Workshop Exhibition

Company’s die-casting workshop covers an area of ​​over 3,600 square meters.
Has more than 50 employees, equipped with:
7 powerful die casting machines (including 400T four, 280T four, 180T four),
two 800 kg concentrated furnace,
two shot blasting machines,
three aluminum products melting furnace,
And pretreatment And baking equipment and technology.

Die casting workshop outside look

die casting workshop outside look

Alu Die casting line

Die casting machine line

Shot blasting machine

shot blasting machine

Melting furnace

melting furnace

2.Partial Machining workshop and Equipment Exhibition

The company’s machining shop covers an area of ​​2,500 square meters and has 20 employees.
It is equipped with:
more than 10 CNC machine tools,
2 MAZAK turning centers,
8 drilling centers,
2 platform grinders,
and several other type special equipment.

New production line

New production line

Cleaning and packing machine

Cleaning and packing machine

Brother CNC lathe

Brother CNC lathe

Automatic honing machine

Automatic honing machine

3.Ceramic block coating Workshop Exhibition (Plating Pottery)

The pottery workshop covers an area of ​​500 square meters.
There are 5 production (technical) personnel,
equipped with an electroplating production line which can meet various ceramic plating requirements.
Currently, it is breaking through the spraying ceramic technology.

Aluminum ceramic block coating line
For Military, UAV, Aerospace

Electroplating production line

Ceramic coating
Micro-arc oxidation unit

Micro-arc oxidation unit

4.Checkout room look like

The company has a complete inspection system, including:
5 professional inspectors,
2 Bruker three-coordinate detectors,
a thermal deformation testing machine,
2 deflection instruments,
a spectrometer and a constant temperature inspection room.
Ensure that the company’s product quality can meet customer requirements.



Total checkout room

Total checkout room

A list of New Artery’s equipments: Basic Die Casting Equipments

5.Technology and research center – Ceramic block coating for engine

The company’s technology research center was established in May 2011, focusing on the research and development of new products, new equipment and new processes in the field of automobile and motorcycle parts.
After one year of development, the technical center has perfected its system, purchased advanced equipment, introduced scientific research talents, and trained reserve talents. It has formed a technical R&D team with high quality personnel, good infrastructure and strong scientific research capabilities.

Research and development

According to the technical requirements of light weight, high power and long life cycle, the company has consulted a large number of domestic and foreign materials and upgraded the original production cylinder block.

In December 2018, the company introduced Italian pottery technology and invested in a new production line of ceramic cylinders. It has the capacity to produce 300,000 types of various types of ceramic cylinder blocks, such as UAV cylinders and Seymour cylinders.

The company signed the UAV engine block production agreement with Anhui HR in March 2018. In August 2018, it signed a military UAV engine block production agreement with Xi’an AS. In March 2019, it cooperated with Chongqing ZS Air Development Company. Achieve cooperation intentions.
And the company cooperated with major traders in the field of Seymour, and signed production cooperation agreements with Chongqing Juqiang and Guangzhou Sanwu Company.

Sipxmach also a china manufacture for metal stamping parts which include and not limit to:

metal stamping products,

metal stamping aluminum,

stainless stamping blanks,

deep drawing products,

punching blanking,

progressive metal stamping parts,

automotive metal stamping etc.

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