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What are the cleaning methods for metal stamping parts?

Nowadays, metal stamping parts have been widely used in life.
Metal stamping is used for electronic devices, auto parts, decorative materials, and the like.
Do you know? Metal stamping parts also need to be cleaned regularly, so what are the cleaning methods for metal stamping parts?

Firstly, according to different cleaning methods, it can be divided into chemical cleaning and physical cleaning

1. Use the principle of chemical reaction.
A method of removing dirt from the surface of an object by means of chemicals and solvents is called chemical cleaning. For example, various inorganic or organic acids are used to remove rust and scale on the surface of the object; oxidants are used to remove stains on the surface of the object; and the use of bactericide.

2. Use the principles of mechanics, acoustics, optics, electricity, and thermals.
The method of removing the surface dirt of the object by the action of external energy, such as mechanical friction, ultrasonic cleaning, negative pressure (or high pressure) impact, ultraviolet light, steam, etc., is called physical cleaning.

Secondly, according to the requirements of cleaning accuracy, it is mainly divided into three categories: precision industrial cleaninggeneral industrial cleaning, and ultra-precision industrial cleaning.

1. Precision industrial cleaning includes cleaning in various product processing and production processes, cleaning of various materials and equipment surfaces, etc., which can remove tiny dirt particles.
2. General industrial cleaning including the cleaning of vehicles, ships, aircraft surfaces, in general, only the relatively large dirt can be removed.
3. Ultra-precision industrial cleaning, including ultra-precision cleaning of mechanical parts, electronic components, optical components, etc. in the precision industrial production process, in order to remove very small dirt particles.

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